IGP Coteaux de l’Ain / Valromey \ Presentation

IGP Coteaux de l’Ain / Valromey \ Presentation

Bugey Enclave marking the transition between Upper and Lower Bugey, the Valromey crumbles around the lower valley of Seran between Artemare and Virieu-le-Grand. With Belley basin in the South, it is bounded from the East by the mountains of the Grand Colombier which separates the Rhone, to the West by the plateau of Hauteville and to the North with the Retord plateau. The altitude varies from 350 meters in the South to about 1,000 meters North.

The stony and filtering soil, well irrigated, is made of clay and limestone moraines from the formation of the PreAlps that offer excellent conditions for growing grapes and maturation.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the phylloxera crisis has virtually ruined the Valromey vineyard which included highly sought wines, such as the wines from the renowned Cravèche and Bavoisière. In Belmont however, a seasonal migration of winemakers and grafters started to grow, saving a part of the vineyard of Valromey.

Winemakers of today hold on to retrieve the flavors and quality characteristics of wines of this territory.

IGP Coteaux de l’Ain / Valromey