The pleasure in sharing

Conviviality is ensured by encountering, discovering and emotion of the senses.

The taste of simplicity cultivated

If our wines are so pleasant to drink, thanks first to the patience of the vineyard work.

Between tradition and modernity

Associating a responsible approach to the respect of an ancestral culture is to fit in over time.

Invite yourself in our vineyards

We create welcoming facilities in our vineyards for even more proximity with our products.

The terroir passionately

It is the great diversity of our terroirs and climates that create the wide range of our products.

IGP Vins des Allobroges

Covering both Savoie and the Canton of Seyssel (Ain), the IGP 'Vin des Allobroges" has an ancestral tradition of grape growing and offers a wide variety of local terroirs.

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IGP Coteaux de l'Ain

Perfectly adapted to the terrain, the vineyards of the IGP "Coteaux de l'Ain" is at the crossroads of different wineries influences that are at the origin of the great diversity of its current production.

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IGP Isre

The climatic and topographic differences present in the production area of the IGP "Isère" can be found in the diversity of its range of white and red wines.

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