The wines of the alpine coteaux \ Who are we ?

The wines of the alpine coteaux \ Who are we ?

Three terroirs, one unique passion for vine


Through the name "Vins des Coteaux Alpins" you discover foremost winemakers, proud of their terroir and their know-how, associated around the same shared values ​​of typical and genuine products: their wines.


The group meets 3 terroirs each with a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP):

  • IGP Vins des Allobroges, covering Savoie, Haute-Savoie and the Canton of Seyssel in Ain,
  • IGP Coteaux de l'Ain, including appellations of Gex, Revermont, Valromey and Val de Saône,
  • IGP Isère gathering appellations of Grésivaudan and Balmes Dauphinoises.

With a natural taste for quality in simplicity, those winemakers perpetuate and renew the typicality and diversity of terroir wines pleasant to drink, fresh, soft, fruity and unpretentious, even when they reach fame generally attributed to the great appellations.

Beyond fashion trends and escalation around authenticity or tradition, winemakers from the "Vins des Coteaux Alpins" state, feet firmly planted in the vineyard, that their production is deeply original and their responsible approach is modern following the natural evolution in today's consumer behavior and new social trends in general.